Environmental Focus

Our Environmental Aims

We want to make our business have the smallest possible impact on the environment and world we live in, therefore, wherever possible we do our very best to protect the environment and local economy.

Doing our bit!

Water heating solar panels
Fixed to The Borough roof are water heating solar panels. The panels heat the water to around 20 degrees Celsius brilliant for reducing the amount of electricity needed to make the water piping hot.

One Green Bottle
On The Borough premises we purify tap water. In order to provide our customers with environmentally friendly refreshing mineral water we use glass bottles, supplied by One Green Bottle. All of the bottles are reused creating less waste.

Growing ever more aware of our waste contribution. We recycle as much as possible and actively work to reduce packaging and the level of waste we create.

Our bit for the local community

Supporting the local community is vital to us, and so we take great pride in purchasing from independent local suppliers.

This benefits our customers who receive the finest freshest ingredients but also helps to keep the local economy buzzing…just the way we like it!